Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Gunston checks in

More and more colleges and universities are adding online videos to their array of student recruitment tools.

A higher education consultant in marketing and recruitment recently highlighted this example, in which a university's mascot talks very casually about the process of preparing for college.


While unique, this video series seems to be trying to take instructions that used to be offered in written form and translating them into a visual medium. If I were a prospective student, the novelty would wear off pretty quickly. I might watch part of one video.

Compare Nebraska's to the videos at the link above: http://realnebraska.unl.edu

What are your thoughts? What would you want to see in an online video by a college or university's admissions office?


FJ Gaylor Photography said...

Schad, I've got to agree with you on the Gunston Files.. I'm obviously not the ideal target market for this. Scary voice on Gunston.. The one thing I would like to see more of from everyone in the admissions video arena, are SHORTER videos.. No more than 30-45 second spots.. As I state d earlier, I am obviously not the right target audience.. SOunds like a great discussion to open a blog.


schadblog said...

Thanks for the feedback. I also advocate for shorter videos...I'd love to hear if more people feel the same way, especially those in the target audience.